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Snow Peak Titanium Gr Spork - BKVDFH032

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  • Made in Japan: All Snow Peak titanium products are designed and manufactured in Japan, adhering to craftsmanship standards passed down over generations

  • Premium Titanium: Snow Peak’s titanium products are manufactured in Niigata, Japan, using intricate welds and a multi-step process, Titanium doesn’t corrode and has no flavor residue, making it optimal for lifelong products

  • Craftsmanship quality: Snow Peak’s titanium products are superior for the quality craftsmanship and attention to design poured into each item and aesthetically unique due to a sandblasted finish

  • Product : Snow Peak products meet top engineering standards to ensure durability in challenging outdoor conditions, if a product doesn't function properly, contact user services and we will repair or exchange for free if it fails to meet our Stan

  • Snow Peak’s Titanium Spork is an iconic utensil that’s lightweight, durable and designed to be used anywhere. The titanium is anodized to produce the bright blue color.

    Snow Peak Titanium Gr Spork - BKVDFH032

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